30 New Police Stations to Monitor Coastal Areas of Tamil Nadu

Sylendra babu tighten the Coastal area security

The Awareness Cycle Rally began in Chennai to create awareness among the Fishing Villages in Tamil Nadu is ending in Kanyakumari today. It had been organized by the Coastal Security Department of Police. In addition to this New Police Stations are set up near the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu for supervision. Dr.C.Sylendra Babu, Additional Director General of Police for Coastal Security reported that, 30 new police stations are established to monitor the coastal areas of Tamil Nadu.

Regarding this, Sylendra Babu reported media, in order to make the security intensive near the seashore areas, 24 new two wheelers have been bought for monitoring. He said that security will be tighten near the fishing villages hereafter. There are totally 592 Fisherman Villages in Tamil Nadu and the Cycle Rally awareness is to create awareness among those people over there about the free telephone service provided.

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