Actor Vijay for his upcoming film Jilla sings a melodious folk number

Vijay’s forte so far has been fast numbers and kuthu songs, he has been giving his voice in almost all his films in the present days. For the first time he has recorded a folk melody which is to feature in his upcoming film ‘Jilla’.

Jilla 2014

Vijay has sung a duet with Shreya Ghoshal in D. Imman’s composition. Imman said that he has recorded this track and given it to Vijay more than a month ago. Vijay had listened to it several times for this will be his first pure melody, he wanted to practice the tune. After Shreya’s lines recording, Imman got Ilayathalapathy to come in on Sunday and his voice was recorded in a session lasting many hours. Though Vijay was very recitent in singing a melody number, Imman is happy with the way it has come out. He said that it has a lot of folk elements as ‘Jilla’ is set against the Madurai backdrop.

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