Bala Chooses “A” Certification Over “UA” for “Thaarai Thappatai”

The legendary director Bala known for his unique way of directing film is now deep into the release of his upcoming flick “Thaarai Thappattai”, starring Sasikumar and Varalakshmi Sarath Kumar. The movie is about the world of folk dancers and their life.

The movie is censored with “A” certification, as the censor board felt that a particular sequence of the movie contains excessive violence which is beyond limits. But the board came forward to provide “UA” certification if the mentioned scenes were removed from the movie. But Bala remained stubborn and refused to remove the scenes since he felt it is necessary for the support of the story. The movie is special in another way as it is the 1000th movie for the music maestro Ilayaraja. His album is already a hit across the state. The movie “Thaarai Thappattai” will be a ravaging musical treat for the audiences for Pongal.

Movie Thaarai Thappattai

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