Delhi Gang Rape Case: Juvenile Board gave Judgment

December 16th 2012, 6 member gang raped a medical student in the running bus. This Delhi Gang Rape case has shaken the country. Sexual assaulting and rapes against women are happening all over everywhere. But, only after this Delhi Gang Rape case, media has turned to spot light more sex abuse happening to women and young children.

Victim girl of Delhi gang rape case died in the hospital due to failure of treatment. In Delhi Gang Rape case, 6 members were arrested. One member in the gang committed suicide in the jail. In the remaining 5 members, one criminal is a minor (young boy) and his case was shifted in the juvenile court.

Delhi Gang Rape Case Juvenile Board gave Judgment

In this case, Juvenile court has ordered the 3 years jail punishment to the minor criminal of Delhi Gang Rape case.


Delhi gang rape victim girl’s family expressed their disappointment in the judgment of this case. They said they are going to appeal against the judgment given to this case.

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