“Dhilip is also involved in Kalabavan mani’s death!” – Director Biju.

February 17, Tollywood actress Bhavana was kidnapped and molested. This entire incident was captured on phone by Pulsar Suni and he was arrested by Kerala police. During the investigation, the accusation also included Malayalam actor Dhilip and he was also arrested. While this case is still under investigation, famous film director Biju has released a statement saying,

“Dhilip is also involved in Kalabavan mani’s death and I have all supporting proof with me. As his relatives suspected, his death is linked to film industry”

Mallu Actor Dileep

He has also said that he is going to file a CBI case regarding Kalabavan Mani’s death at Kottarakkara station. Dhilip is continuously accused for various cases and this has literally shaken the entire Kerala film industry.

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