Douglas Kidnapped Jaffna Women to Malaysia for Prostitution

Colombo: Minister Douglas Devananda kidnapped many Jaffna(Yazhpannam) region women and sent to Malaysia to work in prostitution job. WikiLeaks revealed this information today. Douglas has kidnapped several women by telling that he will arrange for employment opportunities for them.

U.S. Embassy in Colombo has sent this information to the U.S Control. But information has somehow leaked and revealed by WikiLeaks to ‘The Telegraph’ daily newspaper.

Douglas Kidnapped Jaffna Women to Malaysia for Prostitution

This information says that Minister Douglas Devananda has kidnapped many women, men from Jaffna region and sent to Malaysia. He sold women for prostitution work and men to work as slaves at camps.

Information also says that ‘Shantharaja’ also takes major role in this illegal and brutal issue. Wikileaks has revealed that Shantharaja has many commercial centers in Malaysia and Sri Lanka and he has made frequent visits to Douglas Devananda.

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