EgyptAir Flight MS181 Hijacker Got Arrested

Today, the hijacked plane EgyptAir flight MS181 was diverted to Cyprus by a hijacker, which was destined to Cairo. The plane which was hijacked had took off from Alexandria to reach Cairo. The name of the hijacker is said to be “Seif Eldin Mustafa”.

Now, the hijacker has been arrested and Cypriot authorities say EgyptAir hijacking is over. There were 55 passengers on board while the flight was hijacked. The hijacker held 3 passengers and 4 crew hostage and left other passengers.

Photo of Hijacker of the Egypt Flight

It was said the hijacker had wore bombs/detonators-tied jacket and threatened the flight crew. There was no demand from the hijacker other than a condition laid that no defence vehicles should approach the plane.

The hijacker only demanded asylum in their country and had no other demands from him. All the 5 passengers held hostage were foreigners.

After the talks by the officials, the hijacker emerged from the aircraft with hands held up. The situation is now under control and the hijack is over now, as per reports from Cyprus.

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