A Beautiful Gift from Fan Made Deepika Padukone Overwhelmed

Deepika Padukone has been riding high on success by delivering back to back hits. With the success of Bajirao Mastani Deepika has surely made impact on each once heart.

After playing a superb role she has been applauded and complimented by everyone. Recently the actress received a pleasant surprise from a fan, who made a caricature of hers.

The guy who is a charcoal artist is a huge fan of Deepika. This fan of Deepika is a Latur resident. He was trying to meet Deepika as he had made a beautiful painting of her with Charcoal which he wanted to gift her.

While Deepika heard of this, she instantly allotted time from her schedule and made an arrangement to meet him. Deepika Padukone was was overwhelmed on receiving this sweet gesture.

Deepika Padukone's Caricature

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