Hired cycle, wrinkled photo… and Kamal Hasan!

Kamal Hasan has started his career as a child artist. Later after growing he started with small roles in the films. Today the entire world looks at the Tamil actor!

During the press meet yesterday Kamal Hasan has shared that, when the director K .Balachandar called me for the first time, I had gone with an assumption that he might be calling him for the assistant director position. I thought that if I go by walk it won’t be nice; hence I hired a cycle and went to meet him!

He is the person behind my success. I compelled him to act in my film “Uthama Villian” He is the one who sow the seeds for my career. I wanted him to direct in my own productions. But I had missed that chance! He had come in person and took the advance check for this house.

I recollect the day when I went and met him in his office for the first time. Since I thought of the assistant director position I did not took any photographs, but my mother reminded me to take a photo along. I had just inserted a photo with me with hesitations. I hired a cycle from the shop and went to his office.

He started speaking with me and asked for a photograph. I showed the one which had been crushed while carrying. He took it and started speaking on other matters. He must have remembered it a lot! And he had kept a similar scene in his film “Arangetram”.

Kamal, Balachander and Rajinikanth

Kamal Hasan has shared his sweet and pleasant memories!

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