Indian Captain M.S.Dhoni’s Secret of Success!

Here are the secrets of M.S. Dhoni’s continuous success in most of his matches.

In this World Cup Match 2015, Indian cricket team captained by M.S.Dhoni has won 6 matches out of 6 matches played till now.

Apart from the continuous win, it must be noted that M.S.Dhoni’s team dismissed all the wickets of the opponent team played against India.

Now, secrets of M.S.Dhoni’s success has been posted by his keep observers.

Net Practising Session

During net practising sessions, mostly Dhoni won’t take practice by wearing keeping gloves.

Last three years

It has been said that he is standing as wicket keeper for the last three years without practising for it much.

More number of Wickets

Those who have noticed him in net practice say that he takes more number of wickets only by not practising or with only less practice in the net sessions. This could be his secret for success.

CSK's Cool Captain M.S.Dhoni

M.S.Dhoni’s Practices

Dhoni does all the practice that every player undergoes in is team. He participates in all the training given to handle the balls like catching and fielding. He also involves in batting training except for wicket keeping practice.

Advice to his team-mates

Since the team has to involve throughout the year in various formats of the game like IPL, T20 and ODI, he informs their team members to be conscious about their fitness. Dhoni asks them to pay attention in their practice accordingly.

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