Katchatheevu Belongs to Tamilnadu: 200-year Old Records Reveals

Recently, Indian Central Government has put off a shocking bomb that Katchatheevu belongs to Sri Lankan Government. In spite of having 200 years old documents denoting that Katchatheevu is traditional fishing place of Tamil fishermen, it has left a wrong statment.

Katchatheevu is located in 12Km from Rameswaram. ​It is area of 285 acres. Usually Tamil Tamilians ​​and Sri Lankan Tamils ​used to conduct annual joint prayer in St.Antony Churuch built in Katchatheevu. But last quarter centuries Sri Lankan Government is saying Katchatheevu belongs to them and Sri Lankan army is hunting Sri Lanka Tamilians.

Proper evidences are there to say Katchatheevu belongs to Tamilnadu Government. Since 1822 from the period of Tamilnadu Ramanathapuram Sethupathi Raja.

Katchatheevu Belongs to Tamilnadu: 200-year Old Records Reveals

Agreement in 1880

Katchatheevu was considered as revenue yielding island of Tamilnadu. Sethupathi Raja who ruled Ramanathapuram in Tamilnadu gave Katchatheevu as lease for the period of 5 years to Mohammed Abdul Kadar Maraikayar Muthusamy Pillai.
Date: 23-6-1880, Ramanathapuram Sub Registrar Office
Document Number: 510/80 on 2-7-1880

Agreement in 1885

In the Sub-Registrar’s Office in Ramanathapuram on 4-12-1885 Katchatheevu which is in lease was registered with document.
Document No: 134/85


In 19-2-1922 Ramanathapuram Diwan Subbaiah Naidu gave explanations to Sethupathi Raja about big sea and the borders of the island lies in the Register.
Obtained endorsement date: 27-2-1922

1913 to 1928
From 1913 to 1928, for these 15 years British Government has gave it lease of conch, oyster, fish resources.

1-7-1947 to 30-6-1949

From 1-7-1947 to 30-6-1949 Katchatheevu was given to lease.
Date Registered: 26-7-1947. Ramananthapuram Deputy Registrar Office
Document Number: 278/48

Like this, All the reports and documents with evidences are contained in the 200 years old document file which is in hands of Central Government. Having all these solid-proof Central Government is not taking any steps to get Katchatheevu.

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