Natraj with Bollywood Actress for “Bongu”

Cinematographer-actor Natty (aka) Natraj’s current movie is “Bongu”. This film is produced by R.T.Infinity Entertainment and directed by Thaj. Mahesh Muthusamy is doing cinematography for this ongoing assignment while Srikanth Deva is roped for music.

“Bongu” is all about hitech car robberies. The story revolves around car theft and car robbers. Bollywood actress Ruhi Singh does the female lead role pairing with Nataraj. Ruhi Singh was a model before entering into films. She made her debut in movies through an English movie, “The World Before Her”. Later she had acted in a Bollywood films like “Calendar Girls” and “Ishq Forever”.

Bollywood Actress Ruhi Singh

After those English and Hindi movies, Ruhi Singh is making her debut in Tamil film industry in “Bongu”. She had performed stunning swimsuit scenes in the Hindi film “Calendar Girls”, for which she is famous as well.

In this Tamil film, “Bongu” she has acted as car robber as well as girlfriend to Natraj (Natti). Along with these stars there are Arjun, Atul Kulkarni, Ramdoss, Sharath Lohitashwa, Mayilsami and other other actors have made their respective roles. Rhi Singh has prepared to concentrate more in Tamil films after the release of “Bongu”.

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