“We never had any sort of Real-estate or money dealing” – Bhavana.

After the arrest of Malayalam actor Dhilip on Bhavana’s harassment case, she has released a statement to the media. In this statement, she has mentioned,

“A horror happened in my life on February 17 and I m not ready to meet the media yet. So I m giving this statement. I came to know that ‘the actor’ has been arrested on this case and it is really a shock as we have worked in many films together. It is true that we are not in a good friendship due to some personal conflicts. But we never have/had any money or real estate dealings and I am ready to submit any document s supporting this anywhere. If he is innocent, then the truth will come to light. If he is convicted again the truth related to this case will also come to light”.

Dilip Bhavana Case

Cochin police are investigating this issue and they have strong evidence supporting Dhilip’s accusation.

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