Next film of Anirudh- “Akko” directed by Shyam

Satisfied story for Anirudh leads to the music composition

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Anirudh accepted to compose the film “Akko” by Listening to the story from the director Shyam. There are several opportunities to act as a hero but he was not interested in that. Now he decided to contribute only to the music industry.

‘Akko’ film will be directed by Shyam. On behalf of Rebel Studios Sharma, Bhupathi are producing the film and FIRST LOOK of this film is released.

Anirudh is promoting the film’s posters.

There is a question, whether the role of the hero is done by Anirudh?

But Anirudh has agreed only for composing the music in the film story. Keeping the audience in his mind has designed the posters for ‘Akko ‘ film.

“Akko” in the sense “Aaruva kolaaru”. Interest and enthusiasm of three youth in one night is the essence of the film’.

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