Rajini’s next film- Produced by Aascar films

What is Rajinikanth’s next film? Who is going to direct that film? Who is going to produce that film? Are the million dollar questions in cinema now? The answers have started to come out now.

A few weeks ago, Rajini had contacted Oscar films Ravichandran. And enquired more about the film “I”. And he had told about the discussion for his next film. As per this a few days ago Oscar films Ravichandran had met Rajini. They discussed about the production cost of the film “I”, the gain and about the debt clearance, etc.

Having satisfied with the discussions, Rajini had initiated the talks for the next film. Rajini is very specific that the problems which came for the films “Kochchadaiyan” and “Linga” should not arise for the next film.

Rajini had already decided on the director for his next film as A.R.Murugadas. And A.R.Murugadas had given a hint on the story and got it approved from Rajini. Rajini had told A.R.Murugadoss that he will decide on the producer and will wait for him to finish his ongoing Hindi movie.

And also said that to get the script ready. So now that he had decided on the producer for his next film.

Rajinikanth and Murugadoss

It is expected that in June there will an official announcement on his next film!

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