Ramkumar: Swathi Murderer Got Arrested

The brutal murder of young Infosys employee Swathi left everyone in sorrow. On June 25, 2016 a 24-year-old software engineer who was hacked to death by an unidentified man at Nungambakkam Railway Station got arrested by the police. He is said to be Ramkumar an engineering graduate from a village near Palayankottai. On seeing the police, he stabbed himself around his body and neck with a blade.

The following news has come out during the first level of investigation after arrest of Ramkumar; the murderer. He is from a small village; Panpozhi near Meenatchipuram. It is said that he stayed in Choolaimedu, Chennai for the past 3 months. Said to have stayed here in a mansion to look out for a job in Chennai.

Enquiries are on with Ramkumar’s parents and sister. Ramkumar’s father is a retired BSNL employee. His sister is working as a nurse.

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News of Ramkumar’s arrest was informed to Swathi’s parents. They have come to Srirangam near Trichy to perform Swathi’s ceremonial formalities.

How did the Police Find the Killer?

Police have started the investigation from the mansion where Ramkumar had stayed. On the morning after killing Swathi, Ramkumar took away her mobile phone. While the police tried to trace Swathi’s mobile, it helped them to have a clear clue about the killer.

Ramkumar switched off her mobile at 6 a.m. after the brutal incident. Carried the mobile with him and switched it on again at 8 a.m. Meanwhile, police had sent a text message to her mobile. The moment Ramkumar switched on her mobile at 8 a.m. the message got delivered. He, then switched off the mobile again. However, through the message delivery report police identified the location of mobile.

It was through the message delivery report police made sure to start the investigation from Choolaimedu area in Chennai. Since the mobile was there for about 3 hours, police have suspected Ramkumar’s staying place would be Choolaimedu.

With the footage of Ramkumar received from a nearby area of the incident, police started their enquiry. Watchman of A.S. Mansion where he stayed gave few information about Ramkumar’s stay. He hadn’t turned back to the mansion for few days after this incident. After collecting the available details on Ramkumar, police have rushed to Palayangottai.

Since the killer Ramkumar has cut his neck, immediate investigation couldn’t be done. He has been admitted at Government Hospital in Tirunelveli for treatment. Hospital officials reported no danger to his life. However, a minor operation in his throat was done at the hospital.

Another friend of Ramkumar is also suspected to have involved in Swathi’s murder. More reports will come out after the special investigation team’s final inquiries get over.

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