Vasundhara Kashyap Leaked Photos Online

Vijay Sethupathy’s first film as hero is “Themerkku Paruvakkaattru”. In this film “Vasunthara” (Vasundhara Kashyap) is the heroine who paired with Vijay Sethupathy.

Vasundhara’s other films include, “Peraanmai”, “Jeyamkondaan”, “Poraali”, “Chithirayil Nilaachoru”, “Sonna Puriyaadhu” etc.

There is no information about her current projects in film industry. However there were reports leaking now and then that she has been travelling with her lover frequently in jolly tours.

Recently, there were leaked photos online which she had taken as selfie with her boyfriend. These photos are topless photos and of other photos in compromising poses. All these photos have leaked on Internet.

Vasundhara Kashyap’s Leaked Images On Internet

Vasunthra Naked Images

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As per available news online, it is said that Vasundhara herself have taken all these selfies and has updated on her instagram account. People who have seen her porn images on Instagram have downloaded them and shared them through Whatsapp.

Once Vasundhara came to know about this news, she had deleted her Instagram page of her permanently.

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