VCK’s Velicham TV Channel is LIVE from Today

Velicham TV Channel will be live from today. A new television channel in Tamil Nadu will have its presence online. VCK (Viduthalai Chiruthaigal Katchi) is finally realising its five-year-old dream of launching a television channel of its own. Velicham TV would be the first Dalit channel in the state of Tamil Nadu. This channel hits the airwaves on April 14, the birth anniversary of BR Ambedkar.

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Why the party wanted a separate channel while this field is already congested? VCK general secretary D Ravikumar told “It is a channel for airing the views of the depressed sections of the society. At present, inequality prevails in the media where these sections have inadequate representation in programmes, content, etc. Though news items about the issues of the depressed classes are carried in the visual media, there is no equal opportunity for them,”.

Velicham TV channel will be aired 24×7. It will have three news bulletins a day, initially. This channel aims at highlighting the issues faced by the oppressed and marginalised sections, including the Dalits.

Velicham LIVE Television Online

The VCK party cadres have been working since 2012 to bring this TV channel into reality. The party leader Thol. Thirumavalavan asked his leaders and cadre to give him gold coins instead of regular gifts for this birthday so that the party can source the funds needed for launching its own channel.

It is said that the name Velicham signifies ‘light for change’. Velicham TV channel (Velicham Tholaikatchi) is aimed at dispelling the darkness of casteism, communalism etc. Office-bearers said that this channel won’t sing glories of the VCK leaders and will be a neutral entertainment channel with news bulletins.

The competition in the quality of service to the public may arise as there are plenty of news channels existing in Tamil Nadu. It would also be a challenge to acquire a good number of visitors to the channel as there are certain visitor base to few news channels.

On this website, we will bring the live streaming of Velicham TV channel live very soon. Please come again to this page to have the live TV here, on this page.

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