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Puthuyugam TV Live

Known as the people’s channel, Puthuyugam TV Live is popular in showcasing shows that are more indulging when it comes to the human interest stories. Started on November 23, 2013, the channel has more than 6, 75,000 subscribers just on YouTube. The website of this TV channel is really clean. You will find 7 other tabs on the home page. The tabs are of shows, music, temples, kitchen, women, technical and contact.

So basically, the channel is more focused on the people. It broadcasts those kinds of shows which people are actually interested in watching. There are total 14 shows which are broadcasted on the channel on a regular basis. The shows include themes like cookery, devotional, health, food, spiritual, cinema, and talk show to name a few


Natchatthira Jannal
Rasi Palan
Puthuyugam Recipes
Daily Rasipalan
Pengal Choice
Show Reel
Namma Ooru Namma Suvai
Red carpet
Doctor on Call
Anushathin Anugraham

Android Application available

The channel claims itself as not a television but a lifestyle. This is the channel that gives life to the viewers without the visual effects of life experiences. The programs are sorted in order to focus the audience from morning to night. So with the android application of the TV channel.

Social Media presence

The channel has a fair presence on Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. The channel has 452,493 and 4482 followers on Facebook and Twitter respectively.

On the website, you can also read various human interest articles on a wide range of topics and also subscribe to its daily newsletter to stay more updated. Puthuyugam TV Presents Music of various historical genres Boopalam. They have traveled all over India to capture the universal language of their own native art form and culture.

Beefing up the content

This Tamil Entertainment channel from new era media has been one of the most popular entertainment destinations for the past 5 years. It has indeed given a really spectacular performance in past years and now the channel has become a specialized one in its niche and out of the box entertainment content.

In the year 2018, the channel has completely revamped its content strategy and has made its distribution stronger now with the launch on Videocon d2h DTH platform that will help the channel to attract 13 lakh, additional viewers. The channel is also revamping many of its shows and introducing new content to gain more popularity across all the channels and platforms.

Live Streaming options

Live Yupp TV

Thanthi TV

News7 TV

Polimer News TV

Sun News TV

Jaya News TV

Kalaignar TV

Malai Murasu TV

Puthuyugam Television
No.25A, N.P. Industrial Estate,
Chennai 600 032,
Tamilnadu, India.
Phone: 044-45969500
Fax: 044-45969536

Courtesy: http://www.puthuyugam.tv/

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