Will Akshara shine like Shruthi Hasan?

These are the days of the next generation stars. The heirs of the yesteryear stars are dominating the film industry. Of these younger generation stars, only a few are growing with their unique talents. Many are struggling to grow in the industry. Everything can get changed with one success. Lime light will be on those who succeed. If they fail, they will be criticized more.

Kamal Hasan’s younger daughter Akshara Hasan, who got introduced in the film Shamitabh, is been criticized a lot. Since her first film was a failure, nobody praise her. Instead she has been criticized a lot.

Recently she had participated in a fashion show. The commentators had commented that she made the cat walk with a struggle. She is criticized even on the dress that she wore for the show. They have even commented by comparing her with her sister Sruthy Hasan.

Akshara is not up to her sister Shruthi” was the comment.

Akshara with Dhanush

Close associates have confidently said that she will do well in her subsequent endeavors. She is “Star’s” daughter, and that she can’t be left with this. She will definitely prove herself in the next chance.

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