1 in 10 Men in Asia Raped an Unknown Woman: New Survey Study

LONDON: New Survey study was conducted recently on a social-current issue by British Medical Journal The Lancet. This survey reveals a shocking news that 1 in 10 Men in Asia (Pacific region) has raped an unknown women.

This survey says nearly 75% men committed rape just for sexual pleasure and 50% of men did sex for entertainment. And, another 50% of men doing it for physical or sexual violence.

1 in 10 Men in Asia Raped an Unknown Woman: New Survey Study

This survey was conducted through online in 9 countries namely Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Sri Lanka by UN Survey Study.

Survey was taken by trained male experts using audio software in the online. Questions to men were not asked straight forwardly. Instead questions are trickily planned by expert groups and got the answers. People who participated has answered to all sensational and sensitive questions in a audio software.

Final survey reports says one 1 of 10 men answered that they have raped a woman who was not their partner. Public people sat “It is quite shocking to hear what is new survey study report says. It should be strictly noted and Government must bring in severe Anti-rape laws.”

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