1 Lakh Crore Likes – 100 Crore Members – Facebook Record

Facebook is the one of the most popular SNS (social networking site) where more youngsters spend most of the time in a day. It has become the contagious “Facebook fever” to the young generation people. With the one magical word LIKE plays the major role in social networking sites. Facebook has pulled 100 crore members to them and got 1 lakh crore LIKES. It has celebrated its 9th birthday on 04.02.2013.

1 Lakh Crore Likes - 100 Crore Members - Facebook Record

Mark Zuckerberg, the student who was studying in the second year in Harvard University founded Facebook SNS with his fellow mates. It was founded on 4th February 2004. They have founded it for the reason to play and to have fun. But now the value of this facebook is estimated to be 5 lakh crore.

To chat -friends, to post – wall, to like and to share – facebook has the number of fun filled facility.
Facebook has not yet completed 10 years from its birth, but it is the toughest competitor for the giant Google and others. From the top to toe face book brings every nook and corner things out and it acts as a great chance to explore to the people.

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