10 Indian Foods that Burns Fats Fast

You need not to eat olive oil, oats, soya for your weight loss. These foods are healthy and useful to lose weight fast by cutting down fats. But, follow the perfect diet plan which suits your food style works fast and best.

Indians can eat the best fat burning foods from their cuisine and lose weight fast. Burn body fats fast and stay fit and fabulous. Read on 10 Indian foods that burns fats fast.

#1: Turmeric: Anti-septic, anti-fungal and many natural properties present in the turmeric is the best for burning fats. It actively improves blood circulation and burns bad cholesterol and fats.

Tip: Add a pinch of turmeric in a glass of water and intake it every morning. It works best to fight against germs and flus.

#2: Garlic: Garlic is one of the best Indian foods that effectively burns body fats. Sulpur and anti-bacterial properties present in garlic boosts body to burn fats naturally. Thereby it cuts down unhealthy fats and helps for fast weight loss.

Tip: Drink garlic tea for weight loss and fat loss.

#3: Chillies: Natural capsaicin compound contained in chillies increase metabolism for fast weight loss. More spicy you eat, more you burn fats. It also induces fat burning hormones and effectively burns unwanted body fats. Especially, chilli is the best foods to reduce belly fats fast.

#4: Curry leaves: Adding curry leaves in daily diet really help to lose weight. Powerful natural vitamins present in curry leaves kills toxins and crushes fats. Curry leaves soups, curry leaves tea and add curry leaves in daily food in different forms to reduce body fats easily.

#5: Honey: Honey is one of the best proven home treatment for weight loss. Drinking honey lemon water in empty stomach in the morning gives maximum benefits of weight loss. It energizers body and effectively burns fats. Real honey also help to improve immunity power in the body.

#6: Buttermilk: Creamy n sour buttermilk is an excellent weight loss drink. Taking cup of buttermilk after mini-lunch might help to avoid weight gain. Good bacterias’ present in buttermilk is good for overall health. Also buttermilk is low in fats and calories which aids for weight loss effectively.

#7: Moong dal: Sprouts are rich in Vitamin A, B, C and E and many minerals. Essential nutrients like calcium, iron and potassium are nourished in Moong dal. It is the best Indian food that help to lose weight and burn fats. Also, it is recommended by most nutritionists and dietitians during weight loss programmes.

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