111 Booked for Suryanelli Rape Case

In the suryanelli rape case, about 111 people were booked for the facebook comments. These comments were identified and arrested the peoples who indulged in commenting against the culprit kurein in the rape case. Kurien – who is the leader and rajya sabha deputy chairman recently arrested for rape case file on him.

111 booked for suryanelli rape case - Anti-kurien comments on facebook

Against the complaint on him, some people have raised the voice for him. People commented on anti-kurien in the facebook. 111 such peoples were arrested last night. Among that 111, about 110 people were filed for sharing allegedly deformity comment on him. Cases have been registered under section 66 A of IT Act.

According to the section 66(A) says, the act of sending messages or passing information which is offensive, menacing and causes hatred. These 111 people were arrested under this case. It is the offense could be bail up to 3 years

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