16 Coal Mining Scam Files Found: Ministry of Coal

In the Coal mining allocation, Rs. 1.86 lakh crore loss to the central government says Audit report with statistical evidence. More than 2G spectrum corruption, coal mining scam is too large and it is roaring all over the country.

Case has been filed and CBI is on the investigation process. In the intensified investigation process, CBI officers have sent a letter on last 14th requesting the files to the Ministry of Coal.

Only a few files were submitted to CBI and other files are reported for missing. 225 files related to coal mining allocation were missing. These 225 files are very important files that contain detailed information of allocation of coal mining project.

16 Coal Mining Scam Files Found: Ministry of Coal

It is said that as coal mining project been allocated to congress leaders, they planned and hided the main 225 files. BJP has took up the issue in their hands and fighting against illegality. BJP announced that till finding 225 files, Parliamentary session will not be held.

Ministry of coal has taken intensified efforts in finding those 225 missed files. Eventually, 16 files were found yesterday. Ministry coal has announced that on 27th these found 225 files will be submitted to the Supreme court.

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