24 Hours Electricity -‘Power-Full’ Gujarat

Power supply has become more common issue faced by people nowadays. Almost half India spends more dark times due to the lack of power supply. Now Gujarat – Power-full state which supplies 24 hour electricity. It also supplies surplus power to its neighboring states like Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, Maharashtra and Rajasthan and gains profit around `1800 crore rupees.

24 Hours Electricity -‘Power-Full’ Gujarat

The chief-minister Narendra Modi states that 24 hour power supply for Gujarat. Thus the Gujarat becomes power-full state as ever now. He also said, 24 hour power supply is to sell the Gujarat model of the rest of the country.

Gujarat being power-full state produces about 14,000 MW power. In this, 2000 MW is produced in surplus than the usual times. Gujarat supplies 24 hour powered electricity not only to large cities and towns. It also supplies to the 18,000 villages.

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