3 Medical Students Found Dead in Tamil Nadu with Suicide Note

CHENNAI:  Three women medical students were found dead in a farm well near their college in Tamil Nadu’s Villupuram district in a suspected case of suicide on Saturday, police said.

The young women were undergraduate students of SVS Medical College of Naturopathy and Yoga Sciences in Villupuram, about 200 km from Chennai.

Police claim to have recovered a suicide note which allegedly blames the college management and in particular it’s chairperson. A senior police officer told NDTV that their letter talks about “extortion by the management and how students are fighting for even basic amenities”.

3 Medical Students Found Dead in a Well in Tamil Nadu with Suicide Note

District Superintendent of Police Narendra Nair said, “We have not made any arrests yet. We are investigating.”

Family members of the students say the girls were harassed by the college management.

“It is a murder, not a suicide. We want a post-mortem done in Chennai, not a Villupuram hospital,” said the father of one of the girls.

A relative of another student said, “The college management harassed and tortured students.” [VIA]

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