5 Monsoon Foods to Avoid

Monsoons are the best time to enjoy a steaming cup of tea or a bowl of hot soup. But there are also a few items that you need to knock off your monsoon menu to stay healthy. Here are some of the foods to avoid at home and outdoors for a safe monsoon:

Remember These 5 Monsoon Foods to Avoid

5 Foods to Avoid During Rainy Season

Raw Salads:
Steer clear of raw salads in the monsoons. Vegetables, particularly leafy ones, are likely to get spoiled or infected in the rains. They need to be washed very thoroughly to ensure that you do not get diarrhoea or any sort of stomach infection.

Fruit Juices:
Fruit juices are prepared from raw fruits which are also prone to spoilage and infection. Moreover, the quality of water used is often questionable, especially at roadside eateries. Avoid fresh fruit juices entirely in the monsoon. Squeezing fresh orange juice at home? Drink the juice immediately before it spoils.

Mock Tails:
A lot of mock tails contain freshly chopped fruit pieces. Besides, they are served cold, which is not good for your digestive system in the monsoon. You’ll be left with a bad stomach after last night’s dinner party. So avoid mock tails as far as possible.

Sea Food:
You need to be very careful with fish and prawn meat in the monsoon. If you must have them, ensure that they are absolutely fresh.

Greasy Foods:
Foods cooked in spices, such as hot curries and biriyanis are best avoided in the monsoon. Dishes laden with cheese, butter, ghee and oil are heavy on your digestive system. Try to avoid milky desserts topped with cream.
If you need to indulge once in a while, do so in the day time when you are relatively active. Don’t miss your workout sessions. In case you happen to feast at dinner time, follow it up with digestive green tea.

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  1. Nice tips. Thanks for the information.

  2. Hey
    I am a foody guy and i love to eat onion rings and other food like noodles but due to rain i cant so at what time i should eat them. Reply is expected.
    Thank you.

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