After 14 years Pakistan Attacks Indian Army in Kargil

After 14 years in the place of Kargil in Jammu and Kashmir, Pakistan Army attacked Indian Army illegally.
In Kargil, in the placesTiras and Kaksar, Pakistan soldiers attacked Indian soldiers last night.

Initially Pakistan army attacked using small arms later they used heavy automatic weapons to attack Indian Army. Immediately, the Indian army responded and started to attack them.

After 14 years, Pakistan attacks Indian Army in Kargil

Information about damages on this attack are not known. Last Monday night also Pakistan Army has attacked Indian Army in the place of Kargil.

Last week fully Pakistan soldiers are continuously attacking Indian soldiers in the place of Poonch. The place Poonch prevailed in complete silence on yesterday. Severe retaliatory action will take on the border between Pakistan army and Indian Army said Chief Official of Indian Army.

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