Anna Hazare in Chennai I A Successful Mission

Anna Hazare’s – mission south- visit to Chennai evoked enthusiastic response from Chennaites and stamped their approval for a corruption free government. Most of the people had assembled long before Anna Hazare could show up at the Pachaiappa’s college ground where the rally took place. People lined up with national flags and a few had come in the guise of Mahatma Gandhi and M.G.Ramachandran (the late former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu).

Successfully Launch in Chennai-Anna Hazare

People were seen wearing tee shirts with “I am Anna” or “India against Corruption” slogans written on them. All age groups were present and this indicated people’s strong sentiments against corruption. The 74 year old Anna Hazare, in the rally, declared that “youth power determined a nation’s strength” and how he himself felt rejuvenated at seeing so many youngsters in the rally.

He spoke of his frugal lifestyle inside a temple with only a mat to sleep on and a plate to eat from Pointing out that he had sent home six Ministers apart from at least 400 officers during his battle against graft, Mr. Hazare remarked: “I took six wickets ; imagine where India could go if each of you took one wicket each.”

Anna recollected the inspiration he got from reading Swami Vivekananda, reminded youth that service to the community and the nation was akin to worshipping the Almighty. Mr. Hazare encouraged youth to marry, unlike him, and have one or two children but requested them to spare a few hours everyday to serve the community.

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