Asaram Bapu Passed Manhood Potency Test: Medical Reports

Asaram Bapu who was arrested on a complaint of sex assaulting 16 year young girl in his Ashram. Finally, he was arrested and police been investigation him. 16 year old girl explained how Asaram Bapu was behaved to her in a rubbish manner. On the investigation, Asaram Bapu standing aside by the girl denied everything the girl said.

Asaram Bapu Passed Manhood Potency Test: Medical Reports

Subsequently, Asaram Bapu was taken to hospital for manhood test. Test was conducted in hospital. Doctors gave a medical certificate that Asaram Bapu who is 75 years old passed the potency test. It means he has full masculinity and he is capable of sex assaulting a girl.

As medical reports clearly tells that he has a capability of assaulting a girl, police confirmed that he assaulted the young girl sexually. In this case, Asaram Bapu’s investigation process ends this evening. It is expected that police will submit this evidence in court and extend Asaram Bapu’s investigation period.

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