Asaram Bapu Sex Assault Case: Fails to Appear for Investigation

Godman Asaram Bapu who was recently booked for sex assault case fails to appear for investigation. Based on the sex assault complaint given by 16 year old girl studying in his ashram, police has filed a case and started to inquire it.

Summon was sent to Asaram Bapu that to appear for investigation before 30th of August. It is also said that he will be arrested if he fails to come for the investigation process before 30th. In this stage, Asaram Bapu did not come for investigation yesterday.

Asaram Bapu Sex Assault Case: Fails to Appear for Investigation

One of Asaram Bapu’s relative called police and informed that he will not be able to come for investigation due to demise of his relative. Also, Asaram Bapu’s son informed police that he has booked the ticket for his father to go Delhi but as he is ill he could not come for the investigation.

Jodhpur district police said that his reasons are not true and Asaram Bapu is cheating police. So, to investigate about his reasons, Madhya Pradesh police will rush to his place. In this stage, victim girl’s father threatening to he remains to be in fasting unto death if Asaram Bapu is not arrested.

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