Asaram Bapu under POCSO act: No Bail – Police Collecting Details

Asaram Bapu was recently arrested for sexual assaulting a 16 year young girl in his ashram. Investigations on him has over and he was ordered by court to keep in jail till September 15th. In stage, case was filed against Asaram Bapu under POCSO in section 9. POSCO act is a for Protection Of children against Sexual Offences. Asaram Bapu seeked for Bail. But it was rejected and he was kept alone in a cell.

POCSO act usually passed on who sexually assault a minor girl. Police has submitted the evidences such as the minor girl stayed in his ashram and continued her studies. Police are collecting more information about Asaram Bapu relation with Ashram school.

Asaram Bapu under POCSO act: No Bail - Police Collecting Details

If information about Asaram Bapu and ashram school contact proved, surely he will be get the punishment of 7 years of jail says Law experts. Even if it is proved that under the control of Asaram Bapu his ashram was maintained, then it will reveal Asaram Bapu contact with his school and hostel.


Amrut Prajapati was working as medical physician in Asaram Bapu’s ashram from 1986 to 2001. After that she started her own clinic outside. She says, Asaram Bapu has totally 400 ashrams in India as well in other countries. Only less than 200 people will visit his ashram.

In stage, he expanded his ashram by using my Ayurvedic technical assistance. One day I went to his place to see him as he his health was not good. That time Asaram Bapu was engaged in sexual assault with 25 year old girl. I was completely shocked of him seeing in that way. After that I left out of Ashram and started my own clini.

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