“Beep song” Lyrics bring Simbu and Anirudh to public anger!

The “Beep Song” that has been mostly downloaded now by Tamil fans are not for good reasons. Recently, a song has come out from Aniruth’s composition sung by Simbu who may have been involved in lyrics. In most of the Indian films we are are used to the “beep” sound that mask any improper word or offensive language that has been used in a dialogue. Now, the “beep song” which has got into controversy has got lengthy censored words in Tamil which were all used against girls and women.

This “Beep Song” is composed by the young and upcoming musician Anirudh and voiced by actor Simbu. It was usual for both these celebrities to get into controversies for various reasons. This time, it is going serious as the issue is concerning about the dignity of girls & women in general. The song which runs about 04:18 minutes starts with “Enna P*****ku love panrom“. This song has been leaked recently and is going viral on social networking sites and apps like Whatsapp.

All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) activists submitted a petition to the city Police Commissioner of Coimbatore today alleging that Silambarasan, (Simbu) and Anirudh Ravichander had recorded a song, which allegedly made some sexist and insulting remarks against women.

Explanation for “Beep Song” by Anirudh & Simbu

Simbu and Anirudh Explained about Beep Song

Following the viral protests by Women activists across the state, both Anirudh & Simbu have started to give explanation about their non-involvement in this composition. Anirudh tweeted that he is not involved in this composition and he is in Toronto for a concert. However, Simbu and T.Rajendar (Simbu’s father) have given an explanation that Anirudh is the one who conceived and developed this song.

In between, while Simbu was speaking about this “beep song”, he further said they have about 150 compositions similar to this song.

T.Rajendar said the music composition was done by Anirudh while Simbu sung the song. This song has not been released which they had kept to themselves. It was someone else who leaked this song out. Rajendar asked to find out the culprits who has leaked this song and to punish them.

Though everyone gives various explanations to keep themselves away from this controversy, public is in anger. Angry public and fans are returning with serious comments to all their explanations and excuses for this work.

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