Bihar: Flood Situation Worsens, Over 180 People Dead

In Bihar, flood situation getting worse and over 180 people dead. Uncontrollable water flooded all around Bihar, nearly 15 districts has entirely damaged. 1 Lakh people in the state are suffering in the flood for the past 10 days.

People are struggling to live in the flood. Houses are submerged in the flood and many houses are damaged. People are living in boats during day and facing several dangers at night without proper basic needs. No Government bodies are there to look after people protection.

Bihar: Flood Situation Worsens, Over 180 People Dead

Small children, old people and young girls all are staying in the boat with the cattles and suffering from no food and basic facilities. Sources say 180 people died in Bihar for this severe flood.

Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar says Government has started the relief operations but it is not reaching people as flood is severe and Bihar is under extreme fear that this natural disaster would still worsen the people and the state. Also, monsoon rains not showing any signs of leaving the state.

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