Bomb Blast in Pakistan – 48 Dead, 150 Injured

The continuous bomb blasts were happening everywhere. In Pakistan in the place of Karachi around 48 persons were miserably killed including women and children. The two powerful terrific bomb exploded in the Shia dominated area in Karachi greatly threatened the life of the people.

The first blast came out with loud sound in the Abbas town outside and Imambargah at 7pm. It was the exact time people were leaving out after their prayers. The officials and the eye evident says, the bomb blast have destroyed the residential building, nearby shops, and took the invaluable life of 48 people. The blasted place has become nasty and the area looked bizarre.

Bomb Blast in Pakistan- 48 dead, 150 injured

Till now, no group has been booked for the responsibility for the attack.
Blasts have made several children seriously injured and admitted in the hospital. As cops say the bomb has been hidden in the car and the explosives in the bomb are highly hazardous. The estimated weight of the bomb explosive is about 150 Kg. Upto 10 km the bomb blast sounded with huge noise.

The eye witness say, the second blast which was caused by the cylinder in the car terribly sounded well around the shia area. But it is not confirmed that the second blast occurred or not.
The first bomb exploded damaged the two residential apartments, around 20 shops. 150 people were severally injured in the blast who under the treatment in the emergency cases.

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