‘BOX BOMB’ Exploded in Kolkata Chandini Chowk Market

Yesterday, a ‘Box Bomb’ exploded in the busy Chandini Chowk Market area in Central Kolkata.

This blast occurred at Chandini Chowk market in Kolkata in the afternoon . There was a box in the road between central avenue and Madhan street. Suddenly, bomb inside a box exploded. As it is a low intensity bomb, no death and injury to any person.

'BOX BOMB' Exploded in Kolkata Chandini Chowk Market

But, this box blast noise creating panic in the locality during peak office hours. However, Police rushed to the spot with bomb squad and verified any other bomb is in the place.

On checking, squad has found one bomb in that place. Immediately, squad has deactivated the bomb. Despite, a slight tension was in the region and place has turned to normal condition very soon.

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