Central Government Scheme: Risks Agricultural Industry

Central Government Scheme: Risk of Affecting Agriculture

Tanjore is well known for agriculture, introduction of the Central Governments new scheme for taking Methane in those areas threatens to affect Farming. The Central and State Government permitted an England company for taking methane in 49 villages of Tanjore districts, including Thiruvedaimaruthur, Kumokonam, orathadu, Papanasama and Kodavassal at Thiruvarur districts. First stage approval was given for cutting coal from 24 square Kilo meter and to take Methane at 667 square Kilo meter in the regions.

To take methane the company is going to purchase 1 lac 57 thousand land. As a first steps the company in 50 places of Thiruvarur is going to set depth pipes for taking methane, announced by the company. The ground water level will be affected and farming will be ruined by this situation, farmers expressed their concern. The water released after taking methane will affects farming and crores of trees and plants. The drinking water becomes 5 times salty then sea water. The cattle will also be affected by this plan.

Already the farmers were highly suffered by non water supply of Karnataka Government and the new plan by the Central Government will surely affects the lives of farmers, said social activists. The Central Government has to stop this kind of plan which affects the man and nature, said by Delta farmers.

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