Chennai Residents Call these Numbers for Rain Related Help

Chennai: In Chennai city, due to heavy rain Regional Corporation Officials are kept ready for emergency rain related help. Due to heavy rain in the Chennai city, normal life of people is affected. Water is flooding in streets and trees fall in many places. Traffic problem, houses submerged in water, people suffering in low lying areas for basic needs.

Chennai Residents Call these Numbers for Rain Related Help

For any rain related assistance, people can directly contact corporation officers numbers given below. Help assistance group will rush to the spot for help.

15 – Zone-Wise Cell Phone Numbers

1st Zone – 9445190001
2nd Zone – 9445190002
3rd Zone – 9445190003
4th Zone – 9445190004
5th Zone – 9445190005
6th Zone – 9445190006
7th Zone – 9445190007
8th Zone- 9445190008
9th Zone – 9445190009
10th Zone – 9445190010
11th Zone – 9445190011
12th Zone – 9445190012
13th Zone – 9445190013
14th Zone – 9445190014
15th Zone – 9445190015

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