China Tianjin Blast Death Toll Rises to 120

TIANJIN (China): Massive explosion from the chemical storage facility at China Tianjin port has killed more than a hundred. More than 700 people were injured in the blast.

It is feared that death toll will be go high as toxic chemicals from the facility reacts in the air. Sodium cyanide, a poisoning chemical is causing more people to die.

Tianjin is one of the China’s biggest industrial cities where around 15 million people are living. Two massive explosions held around 11.30pm. A giant fireball was covering the big city and it looks like a red-black fired galaxy.

China Tianjin Explosion Death Toll Rises to 120China Tianjin Blast Death Toll Rises to 120Reason for the explosion is not exactly identified. Authorities are still struggling to find the cause. News sources says firefighters are in operation and spraying water over calcium carbide. Calcium carbide reacts when wet to produce highly combustible acetylene gas.

Death toll seems to be going high. Many firefighters and people who were in the initial blaze were died.

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