Clarification by Union Minister Narayanasamy on Kudankulam

Union Minister of State V. Narayanasamy whose remarks that “ foreign agencies” were funding the protests against the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Project(KKNPP)evoked strong objections from the coordinators of the protest,on Sunday said he had only wanted to know the source of their funds.

Union Minister

Reacting to protestors’ objection to his statement on a probe into the source of their funding, he said;”They misunderstood my statement.I want to know the way they get money for their activities, how much money they get and how they spend it.” He added;”Even if they had collected money from the public, it was still public money and they are accountable; so they have the responsibility to show details of expenditure accounts”.


Kudankulam Power Plant

Ealse propaganda has been made on Kudankulam project and this resulted in aggravating the situation and escalating fear, Mr. Narayanasamy said. The Kudankulam Power Project was essentialto meet the growing energy demand. Already, the country was reeling under power shortage.”In 2020, the country will need atleast 4.5 lakh MW of power. At present we are producing only1.5 lakh MW of power only, far below the exixting requirement of 2.5 lakh MW of power”, he said.

Moreover, scientists, and nuclear experts and technical team members will stay near the power plant.”If there were any such threat to their lives, will they stay in that area?” he asked. Charges and counter charges by the protestors and supporters has made Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant a very hot and contentious topic and one hopes that the issue shrouding this power plant will be solved in the best interest of the nation.

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