Cluster of City Schools to be Patrolled by Police

Chennai: (Nov 14) With schools, parents and police joining hands to improve alert, there is now a sense of security for schoolchildren in the city.

While the police have stepped up patrolling, notwithstanding the short age of men, the schools are busy going the extra mile such as posting security personnel and installing surveillance cameras at the gates and the parents are taking care to employ trusted and tested drivers to take their kids to the institutions, if they are not themselves able to to do that.

Looking relieved after quickly nabbing the two suspects in a recent case of abduction of a city school kid, city police commissioner T. Rajendran told reporters here on Saturday that he had convened a meeting of parents and representatives of schools on Tuesday to discuss further measures to strengthen the safety of children in transit. “there are over 700 schools in the city but we have only 90 police stations. It will not be possible to patrol all the schools individually, but we have evolved a system. The police can patrol clusters of two to three schools in a given area,” the commissioner said.

The top cop also said the two accused in the abduction of Keerthivasan would be brought to book through the fast track court and the entire trial could be completed before Pongal.

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