Commonwealth Summit to boycott: Political Parties in Parliament

All the political parties in the Parliament are emphasizing that along with Prime Minister,Top level committee on behalf of India also should boycott the Commonwealth summit to be held in Sri Lanka.

AIADMK member Thambi durai in the Parliament said that Ethnic massacre of Tamils in Sri lanka remains as uncured wound in the minds of all Tamil people especially Tamilnadu people.

Commonwealth Conference to be boycotted: Political Parties Emphasized in Parliament

Moreover, T. K. S. Elangovan said, Canada has already announced about the boycott of Commonwealth conference. In the stage, If India takes part, it will be the encouraging factor to the Sri Lankan Government. So, India should ignore the commonwealth conference.

He clearly expressed that if India participates in Commonwealth conference, it will be the great insult to all the Tamilnadu people. He also added that due to Sri Lankan navy attack, Tamil fishermen everyday lives remains struggling.

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