Congress leading in Karnataka | Current status of Karnataka Election

Karnataka Election results

Vote counting started today for Karnataka Assembly election, congress party is leading front in most of the places, next comes Janatha dal and then BJP. For counting votes 38 centers has been set, majority of the results will be announced before afternoon. 3 layer securities are set in the counting centers to avoid violence. Alcohol shops are closed all over the state from yesterday evening.

Jagadish shetter is in leading at Hubli Constituency. Congress candidate won in the Shetty Puttur. In Tamil Nadu, UP, Gujarat elections congress party lagged but in Karnataka the party leading in most of the places.

The results show the recession of BJP is due to the allegation of bribery on various issues. Though congress is leading in Karnataka, in national level it is expected to be back because many Ministers of the Congress were alleged under corruption complaints.

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