Criminals in Bangalore Agrahara Jail Enjoying in Weekends too

Criminals in Bangalore Parappana Agrahara Prison will be allowed to go away for weekend outings if given bribe to Police. A serial rapist criminal Jai Shankar has escaped from Prison cell last sunday early morning who was in kept in Bangalore Parappana Agrahara prison. It is doubted that someone from prison has helped Jai Shankar to escape. On investigating about it, this criminals enjoying outing in weekends news came into spotlight.

One National Party senior politician was kept in Bangalore jail for 83 days in 2012. It is said that every night he moves to his home to have dinner and come back on the next day early morning. Some politicians in this jail will go home and hospital often to maintain their health. For this they have given Rs.4 Lakh rupees has bribe.

Criminals in Bangalore Agrahara Jail Enjoying in Weekends too

Other Criminals in this prison has go out for outings in evenings and weekends if given bribe from 2000 to 5000. It is said like this Jai Shankar has escaped from this prison like this way.

Criminals kept in jail are under the control of 3 to 4 Karnataka State Reserve Police. These criminals should get those 3-4 police dosa, with the money and cigarettes to get their things done. These policemen are also asking prisoners relatives to buy Idly, Upma from famous restaurant in the state.

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