Cyclone in Bay of Bengal

thunder and lighteningCyclone has formed again in the Bay of Bengal according to the Meteorological Department Chennai, rain with thunder and lightning is expected within another 48 hours in the coastal areas of Tamil nadu and Puducherry. This year the Northeast monsoon has delayed than its usual appearance.

With delay in the Northeast monsoon and “Jal” cyclone with 4-times low-pressure in the Bay of Bengal, this year Tamil nadu and Puducherry had seen heavy rain than usual. According to sources, the overall excess of rain in Tami nadu is 47% throughout the state and its 27% of excess than usual in Puducherry.

Since last one week the climate in Tamilnadu and Puducherry is very chill and humid, with which it was expected that the rainy season had ended. Now, in the Southwest region between Srilanka and Tamil nadu a new low-pressure has formed which is expected to get stronger over the next few days.

The Meteorological Department has told that they are closely following up the low-pressure situation to give alert if any to the public. It has further added that in the coastal regions of South Tamil nadu heavy wind is expected very much, could be at the speed of 55 KM/h. High big waves would arise in the sea.

Areas those have registered rainfall on Saturday till morning 8.30 a.m.: Karaikal, Valangaiman, Ramanathapuram, Nannilam, Thiruvarur, Thiruvidaimaruthur, Kudaivasal, Mannarkudi, Needamangalam, Nagapattinam, Pambam, Rameswaram, Thiruvannamalai and Jayangondam.

Other regions include, Uthiramerur, Sembarampakkam, Senjee, Thirukovilur, Kumbakonam, Orathanadu, Muthupettai, Thiruthuraipoondi, Sathanur Dam, Vandavasi and Seiyaru.

In Chennai, on Sunday, it is expected to be cloudy. In few areas, there might be heavy rain with thunder. The maximum temperature during the day would be 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

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