Delhi Cab Driver Raped Woman Exceutive – Uber Cabs Banned

In Delhi, Uber cab driver named Shiv Kumar Yadav (32) raped a 25 year old woman executive allegedly on Friday (5th December). On monday, Delhi Government has ordered to ban all Uber cab services including app-based Uber cab services. Driver who raped the girl was caught and kept in 3 days police custody.

As a quick operation to Delhi cab rape, Delhi Government has issued a notification that only six cab services Easy Cab, Mega Cab, Meru Cab, Chanson Cab, Yo Cab and Air Cab in Delhi has license to operate taxis. Any cab services without license will be cancelled sooner.

Delhi Cab Driver Raped Woman - Uber Cabs Banned

Police deeply investigating Uber cab services for hiring the driver without background verification. It is came into spotlight that the driver was in jail for two years for another rape case and background certificate given by Uber Cab Services is fake.

Delhi Police said they are to be file another case on Uber cab services for forgery against the driver (Yadav) character certificate. Stern measures are to taken against rape crimes in India and shock waves are still prevailing in Delhi.

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