Delhi Gang Rape Case Judgment: Special Delhi Fast Track Court

NEW DELHI: Today is a judgment day of Delhi Gang Rape case. Delhi special court has completed all the investigations and inquiries about the case and announced that judgment for Nirbhaya gang-rape case will be declared on Sep 10, 2013.

But on Sept 10, The Delhi Fast Track court has announced that judgment pronounced on Wednesday, Sep 11. Today, arguments of both the parties were held and criminals seeking mercy. So, the judge later declared that judgment for Delhi Gang Rape Case will be on Friday, at 2.30 pm.

Six member gang raped and murdered a 23-year-old para-medical student in a moving bus in December,2012. This illicit rape in public place has shaken the country.

Delhi Gang Rape Case Judgment: Special Delhi Fast Track Court

Among the six member gang, one criminal named Ram Singh (34) committed suicide and dead in the prison cell on March 11. And, one other criminal out of this 6 was a minor boy. This minor boy case was conducted in the Juvenile court and judgment is given as 3 years of jail punishment.

Remaining four criminals Mukesh (26), Vinay Sharma (20), Pawan Gupta (19) and Akshay Singh Thakur (28) are proved as guilty by the Police and evidences are submitted to the court. Special Fast Tract Court will order the judgment for this case tomorrow.

For these 4 criminals it is expected to sentence a maximum of death punishment and a minimum of life term prison punishment.

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