Diaspora Support Tamil Eelam

The siege protestation also continues along with the hunger strike of Students in Tamilnadu. The students of a Private College in Kancheepuram District ignored the classes and involved in protestation. More than 100 students in Puduckottai involved in protestation locking the Post office.

students protest

Private College students of Palladam and Thurayur also ignored the classes and involved in protestation. The Students in Nilgiris siege the Head Post Office and made protestation. More than 100 students in Thiruvarur siege Banks and protested against the Central Government for not taking action against Srilanka. The students state that even though Colleges are announced holidays, their protestation will continue.

Cinema Directors’ Protest

The students of Tamilnadu are already in protestation against Srilanka and Indian Government. There were many communities and associations that expressed their support to the protestation of Students in Tamilnadu. And now, the directors of Tamil Cinema come forward to express their support to the Students. The people of Cine Industry have planned for fasting in Chennai against the Srilankan Government insisting the Central Government to take action against Srilanka.

Support overseas

The Tamil people living in Tokyo involved in protestation insisting the Japan Government to demand the Union Nation Human Rights session going on in Geneva to take action against Srilanka.

Protestation in London

3 Lankan Tamils in London involved in fasting in front of the Indian Embassy. The Lankan Tamils protest all over the world to make strong action against Srilankan Government. They demand to declare Srilankan President Rajapaksha as War Criminal. The Tamil people of London express their support to the 3 person involved in fasting and they are in a plan to gather all the Tamil people in London to make a wide protestation.

The merchants of Koyambedu Vegetable Market in Chennai closed the shops and protested against the racial killing happened in Srilanka. The shops selling vegetables, fruit, and flowers remain closed in the Koyambedu Market premises.

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