Do you Prefer Heels?

The heels slippers not only show the majestic shoes in women but it also gives courage and confidence. Thus the shorter women use high heels so that they look tall and majestic. These girls face discomfort and health disorders.

High Heels

The girls who are used with High heels meet lot of health issues. 50 percent of women in high heel foot are suffering heel pain and strains.

For few women the backside of the heel would be red and swollen. The wound may not be seen outside. Any scratches or fracture would have happened inside the heel bone.

A pain in heel named ‘Neuroma’ cause pain in the heel. It pains the nerves in the heels and cause discomfort to the feet.

When the heel shoes are wore for a long time, the muscles in the heels get shrink. The heel Achilles tendon becomes diminished. When wearing high heel sandals, a prolonged rupture is caused on the spinal cord and it also leads to arthritis in the knee.

Doctors have advised to avoid the impact of High heels.

Things to Look Out When Buying Heel Shoes

• Know the right size of your foot. Select the shoes according to your foot size. Select the most appropriate shoe.

• Don’t get shoes with the temptation of external beauty and the for the famous brand names. Select the right sandals that fit your heels.

• Your feet will be little bit swollen in the evening after works and walks throughout the day. So it is better to choose the evening or night time to buy heels than the morning time.

• Don’t get heels that are more than 6 inches with a desire to show yourself height. The high heels slipper will lead to serious issue in future.

• The shoes that are 2 inches tall with a shorter heel are safe to wear.

• Just check out whether the soul inside the slipper is made of rubber. Make sure of the Rubber soul while getting the slipper itself. It is the only safe thing that that avoid slippery of our feet. It is safe too.

• The bottom of the heel sandals has to be made in natural leather. They should not bear synthetic fiber in the top and sides. It is need to take care of this while getting heel sandals.

• The skin of the slipper should have to capacity to absorb moisture. This secures the foot.

• The entire surface of the foot sandal must enable air flow. They must be open and free.

• Use the heel slippers for a short time. Physical health is important than the beauty. So make sure, you heel slipper is for short time use.

• The heel shoes should have a design in such a way that it have to match our foot perfectly.

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